The 21st day of September in the year 2016 marked the 107th birthday of the founder of the nation Ghana; Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This dayis celebrated as the day for the birthing of one of Ghana’s greatest.The H4P Organization on this honorable day replicated the birthing of greatness in grand style by launching their twin peace songs at the Ghana for Peace Summit 2016. The event was organized to sound a passionate cry for peace with disability in perspective in light of the impending National elections.

As a nation celebrated for her consistency in peaceful elections, the launch of the songs ('We Need Peace' and 'Let Us Unite') served as an emphasis to maintain Ghana’s priceless tradition of peace.

The H4P Organization has created a niche for itself as the paragons of perfection that have for five years embarked on a resilient advocacy for equality and the preservation of life. It was thereforenot surprising that the 'Ghana for Peace Summit'was organized with quintessential excellence. From the lovely patriotic décor to the flamboyance of the vivacious cultural dancers that welcomed attendants into the hallway filled with glamorously uniformed protocol members, it was obvious that history was about to be made. True to the anticipation, the program was well attended with a good representation from the disability community, political parties, stakeholders of the nation and the media.

As the event proceeded, the ambience of peace kept growing as there was an obvious agreement between the parties present that peace must prevail in the nation. One was thus not to expect the amazing experience attendants were giving when the M.C. for the day, Barbara Martinson of the Sahel Sahara Bank, announced that there was a final special package for the nation by the H4P Organization at the event.

The sensational music artiste, Diana Hopeson walked in gallantly and graciously declared the twin Peace Songs launched. The first song, ‘Let Us Unite’, played on soothingly with participants of the summit nodding their heads and tapping their feet in agreement with the sweet melody and serious lyrics it carried. “All we need is love; all we need is peace, peace and understanding to build this nation…”

The H4P Crew with Mrs. Diana Hopeson (middle) in one of the peace tracks
‘We Need Peace’, the second song, came with a faster tempo and reechoed the sights and sounds of the amazing H4P Experience that has held H4P fans spell bound.
The carefully chosen words merged with a creatively woven synergy of musical notes blew the minds of all present and spoke volumes of H4P’s characteristic ability to save the best for last whiles dazzling from the inception of their events. The songs were composed by the Apostle Charles Hackman and beautifully sung by the H4P Crew featuring Diana Hopeson. The songs are a sure addition to the rich heritage of peace in the nation and will for many yearsplay on in the hearts, homes and lives of citizens of the nation.

The H4P Organization is by these songs admonition all and sundry to work assiduously to propagate the gospel of peace with equality bearing in mind that the nation Ghana is what we share in common.
God bless our Homeland Ghana and make our Nation Great and Strong.
Click on the linkbelow to view and download the H4P peace songs.


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