The H4P Organization calls on all Ghanaians to give persons with disabilities preferential treatment during the 2016 elections.
We live in a society that is primarily suited for regular people (persons without disability). Our infrastructure; buildings, transport, schools, health facilities etc. are all made to present good opportunities for the well-being of a portion of Ghana’s population- “Regular people”.
Unfortunately in Ghana, disability issuesseem of very little concern to government officials, policy makers as well as citizens. Persons with disability, who make up the largest minority in Ghana, usually face physical and other barriers on a daily basis and also when they seek to exercise their right to vote. 
Recent findings from a survey carried out by the H4P Organization revealed the myriad of challenges faced by the disability community in Ghana especially during the elections. These include inaccessibility of polling stations by persons with physical impairments, lack of sign language interpreters at polling stations to aid the dissemination of information to hearing impaired voters, etc.
Also during the survey, some persons with disability shared disheartening experiences they had during the past elections; albinos and aged disabled people being denied the opportunity to jump the queue because of their condition.
As the Voice of the Disability Community in Ghana, the Here for Perfection (H4P) Organization is making a passionate appeal for Electoral Commission Officials to give preferential treatment to persons with disability during the 2016 elections.

In an interview on the Helping Hand TV Show, the PRO of the H4P Organization, Mr. Phillip Tetteh, called on all Ghanaians to be patient and tolerant especially when persons with disability are being giving preferential treatment. He also stated that H4P’s advocacy for preferential treatment for persons with disability during the elections is aimed at creating an enabling environment for persons with disability to exercise their franchise devoid of any form of limitation.
For the full interview, watch the Helping Hand TV Show this Sunday 23rd October 2016 and the repeat on 26th October 2016, on Net2 TV at 5pm and 2pm respectively.

“As a nation, we must have a new mindset, a new mindset that sees persons with disability as assets instead of liabilities, as people with capabilities instead of their disabilities”- The Voice of Ability on Air for Persons with disability; Apostle Charles Hackman; Host of the Helping Hand TV Show.

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