Henry Tims Ankrah was born at Nsawam, but grew up in Accra, to Apostle J.V.K Ankrah and Mrs. Grace Ankrah. Henry Tims Ankrah attended Nana Osae Djan Junior High School, Nsawam.

He then enrolled in Pope Johns In the Eastern Region of Ghana for her Senior high School education where he studied Geography, Economics and Elective Mathematics.

He gained admission to the University of Ghana, Legon for his tertiary education and again studied Geography. Whiles on Campus, Henry sang with Chosen Vessels Choir.


The quality of your thoughts determine the quality of your life. What you are today is as a result of your thoughts yesterday. Prayer alone doesn't change tomorrow, save actions that are birthed through thoughts.

A human being is a walking warehouse of seeds. Everything we do is a seed we are sowing and God cannot be mocked, there will be a corresponding harvest. the worst way to live is to foever fit into the existing economic, educational, religious, cultural and scientific structure in the world, and not try to create a better alternative. Remember that the world now is a result of the thoughts of yesterday. Economics run based on theories propounded by scholars who are dead and gone. The same goes for technology, education, culture and religion. Though there are reviews and advancements based on new discoveries, these new principles often face turbulence, in trying to gain establishment.

An important missing ingredient in life is the knowledge of the purpose , value and significance of the woman. The knowledge we have about our women is what has produced the world we have today. A world in which women are abused and used. The most dangerous part of it is what our women think of themselves! Society rates women as inferior to men and so discriminates against them in various facets of life.

It is said that women are of a shallow intellect and are not decisive and strong emotionally. More so there are countless of women not being strong enough to hold leadership positions. Some see women as sex objects and instruments for procreation. Very few women are  encouraged and given the chance to participate in decision making when it comes to leadership and nation building. Apart from the fact that society is to be blamed for this, most women, giving credible and convincing accounts of their competence, is more of an exception than the rule.


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H4P (Here for Perfection), is a Non-Governmental Organization that is currently based in Ghana with a focus on health, human rights and national development.
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POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O.Box AN 8336 Accra - North Ghana-West Africa
TEL: +233-(0)302329414
MOBILE:0208686777 0233868777 0249480611
E-mail: h4pcrew@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.h4pcrew.net
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