National Development is a collective responsibility of all citizens in a given country.Whether able or disabled,everyone has a part to play in nation building. Education continues to play an integral role in the development of a nation’s human resource hence promoting national development.

As a society, we sometimes underestimate the importance of educating children with disability, especially the intellectually disabled. This is due to the fact that they are perceived as incapable of reasoning accurately and independently, hence their incapability to meaningfully contribute to national development. Notwithstanding, there are some persons with intellectual disability who are significantly contributing to the nation building process.

The New Horizon Special School is an educational institution founded by Madam Salome Francois in 1972, with the aim of providing day school education for children and vocational training and employment for adults with intellectual disability.

In this week’s (Sunday 8th January 2017 and the repeat on Wednesday 11th January 2017) episode, “The Voice of Ability of Air for Persons with Disability”, Apostle Charles Hackman (Host of the Helping Hand TV Show) interviews the Founder of the New Horizon Special School, Madam Salome Francois.

Watch the Helping Hand TV Show, Sundays at 5pm and the repeat on Wednesdays at 2pm on Net2 TV.



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