Although equality in individual abilities might never be reached, equality in opportunities must relentlessly be sought for.

The Here For Perfection (H4P) Organizationholds the view that it is important to give people, especially persons with disabilities, the needed opportunities to prove their worth instead of relegating them to the background under the guise of their disability.

The creation of equal opportunities for both the able and disabled is one of the ways to effectively deal with the different forms of social exclusion that affect persons with disability. Most often than not, the absence of these fundamental opportunities is what rather makes themdisabledand not their disability by itself. Children with disabilities have the potential to lead fulfilling lives and to contribute to the sociocultural and economic vitality of their communities and countries as a whole. These opportunities are the things that help persons with disability to participate in events and make them feel included in their respective communities.

If persons with disability form about 20% of Ghana’s population, then the provision of adequate disability friendly: educational structures and syllabus, entertainment and recreational outlets, medium of transportation, health care services and the like must be things of priority. One of the unpleasant conditions persons with disability have to live with over the years is being treated as after thoughts. This is where the significance of the H4P Organization’s special advocacy for persons with disability comes to the fore. The H4P Organization believes that 20% of Ghana’s population is too large a group to be treated as after thoughts.

As part of its 3rd anniversary celebrations, the H4P Organization will be hosting the 2nd edition of the H4P Inter-Schools Disability Fun Games on 7th February, 2014 at the Burma Camp Leisure Center. This event would bring together 13 special schools from across the country including the Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind, Central Region and Wa Methodist School for the blind, Upper West Region.

Students from the schools that participated in the first edition of the Disability Fun Games proved that when given the opportunity, they have a lot of abilities to showcase in the area of sports.  The excitement on the parts of the students, teachers and head teachers that participated in the first edition spoke volumes to the H4P Organization.

There is no better way the H4P Organization can celebrate its 3rd anniversary than giving another opportunity to these special education schools, to explore their abilities in the area of sports, hence, the 2nd edition of the H4P inter-schools disability fun games. 
The H4P Organization believes that opportunities unlock the abilities in a person with disabilities.

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H4P (Here for Perfection), is a Non-Governmental Organization that is currently based in Ghana with a focus on health, human rights and national development.
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