In a world that is growing smaller each day through the wonders of technology, there should be no reason why any person or group of persons should be discriminated against or be ignored in the building of this global village.  We all deserve equal opportunities to contribute our quota and benefit from the gains of our respective societies.

Persons with Disability account for 10 -15% of the world’s population, and 80% of this number are living in developing countries. They form the world’s largest minority and yet, are often not given the necessary assistance, infrastructure and legislation to make them feel a part of their communities.
We believe that Persons with Disability need to be given a chance based on their abilities rather than being ignored because of their disabilities, hence our decision to be a voice advocating for their rights as well as creating avenues of training for them.
Through our Special Advocacy, we intend to:

  • Raise awareness among policy-makers, corporate institutions and the general public about issues concerning PWDs.
  • Call on the government to make transportation accessible to PWDs by providing buses that are disability friendly.
  • Appeal to the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare to expedite action on the employment of qualified persons with disability so that Ghana can benefit fully from the potential of her citizens.

“The Helping Hand” (an initiative of the H4P Crew) is a TV program aimed at helping and advocating for Persons with Disability in our society. The program pays tribute to those who, in spite of their disability, have been able to make meaningful contributions to the development of the country and have become economically and socially independent. “The Helping Hand” also addresses the difficulties and hardships that Persons with Disability in the society go through on a daily basis.
The programs objectives are to:

  • Showcase persons with disabilities who have overcome their limitation have become successful in life.
  • Acknowledge the contribution of Persons with Disability to the society, as a means of motivation for greater achievements.
  • Provide assistance to those who have skill and are willing to become financially independent, and those who have no skills but are willing to learn and be trained.
  • Be a voice for the physically challenged in the society and to seek to show that disability is not a disease, and so should not be looked down upon.

The program is aired every Sunday, 17:00GMT on NET2 TV. Segments of the program include live interviews with Persons with Disability as well as policy makers and professionals who deal with disability issues.




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H4P (Here for Perfection), is a Non-Governmental Organization that is currently based in Ghana with a focus on health, human rights and national development.
To champion health and development projects with global impact.
To build a culture of excellence, creativity and originality that will be passed on to subsequent generations and spread throughout Africa and beyond.
To advocate for peace and progress in Africa through the medium of Gospel music and entertainment.


POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O.Box AN 8336 Accra - North Ghana-West Africa
TEL: +233-(0)302329414
MOBILE:0208686777 0233868777 0249480611
E-mail: h4pcrew@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.h4pcrew.net
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